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frequently asked questions 

  1. Can I drive the Trabi myself?

    • YES! Please see the self-driving section to book your car! For additional fee of 10€ per driver you can switch drivers! Our skilled staff is going to teach you how to drive our old timers.

  2. How do I get to to

    • We are oriented drop around the corner from Ostkreutz. Please check our contact section to see the map 

  3. Can you deliver the car to me?

    • YES! Yes we can. Delivery service charge is 35€ and 50€ if you want us also to pick the car up. Valid within the Berlin city crcle line. For more details do not hesitate to contact us or see our price list.

  4. How much is the deposit?

    • We love our original old timers and because we take outmost care for them we want you to share this caution and love for these beauties. The deposit is only 100€ which is given back to you while you bring back our Trabant

  5. Do you accept credit cards?

    • If you buy online one of our tours or self driving experiences you can pay online with a credit card. It is safe and no extra charge. However, we do not accept credit cards otherwise then online, so if you would like to pay while picking up your Trabi, have cash with you.

  6. Can I buy a gift voucher?

    • YES! ​All of our products can be bought a s gift certificate. Please see the print screen below. 

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