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Events & Incentives

Trabant Rallye

  • Tours, Sightseeing,

  • City Quiz,

  • Check Points,

  • Roadblocks

  • Airport or hotel transfers

  • teambuilding

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Roof Party
SUP on Berlin Lakes
trabant berlin
Sports teambuilding
young group
Tour Bus
trabant getting ready

Extraordinary Trabant Events

Combine our rallys or transfers with extraordinary experiences. 
Discover the city from different perspective! The river offers variety of different views on the city  or see the beauty of Berlin lakes sitting e.g. on a kayak. Sports elements of an event are not foreign to us.
You can finish the day with a stylish roof top party or have a backyard curry wurst. Write us an email and leave the planning on our professional team. 

Classical Trabant Rally

Get a real Rally feeling in a Trabant 601.

After a short briefing start rallying in Berlin and drive by yourself.
Get a road book from us and navigate through a variety of checkpoints in the city. Find the right order of checkpoints and collect stamps at each checkpoint.

The Trabant with the best driver/navigator-team wins!

Great fun, great teambuilding and a real challenge.

 Contact us about your project and ideas, we organize everything for you

Brandenburg Gate Sunset
Girl by the Lake


Our fleet is free from any forms of advertisements. Our city-guides and event-manager know the city of Berlin, special locations and potentialities in Brandenburg are no secret to us. Just give us a short call or mail – we do the rest!

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