Welcome to TrabantBerlin.de

TrabantBerlin.de relies exclusively on original vintage cars. In this way, the feeling of the East is at your finger tips. You can rent a Trabant and drive it yourself to get the real feeling of the East. These beautiful 4-seat Oldtimers at your disposal also for guided tours.
Our cars also featured in several movies, now you can enjoy them yourself!


You are organising a special group-event in Berlin?
We could advice you or embrace the whole planning for you!
The GDR-Trabant is cult, everyone in Germany knows the little 26-PS-vehicles
We offer you and your guests or partners a real unique experience.
Up to 35 vehicles (140 people if self-driving or 115 with TrabantBerlin-drivers) with free choice of start and finish.

Transfer, sightseeing-tour, team buildings event or a special presentation - every event will be great with out team of professionals

Take a seat and drive the legend yourself!
No fixed tracks, no restrictions.
Rent one or even more Trabants with your friends or family to have some unique and fun time in Berlin.
If you are coming to Berlin for business a special hotel or airport transfer by a Trabant 601 with a little tour around the city with one of our drivers is a great way how to have a treat.

We also rent Trabi for weddings and other family gatherings.  

We fetch you at your Hotel in an original GDR- Trabant 601 and our guide will show you places that are hardly in any guidebook but worth a visit.
You will not miss the essentials the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag, the Allied Check Point Charly are as well on the list like the former Stalinallee or the longest part of the Berlin Wall still standing: The East Side Gallery.
Get the feeling of an Eastern German oldtimer car and experience what it must have been like on the other side of the Wall.
Get your Berlin exclusive tour with guide today.