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Film rentals

We offer cars for film shooting, shootings or performances

Through our many years of experience with German and international films, we know exactly what is important to you in old timer vehicle. Trabis can be delivered to Berlin and other places in Germany. With our expertise in originality, we ensure that you get exactly the right car for the authentic look, whether the story plays in 1964 or 1994. Do you need a set-up expertise? We also have experts in the Eastern bloc and mobility.


Our experienced chauffeurs can also act as a drivers on set or even in the film itself. The support of a technician (removal of seats, windows, doors etc. for film purposes) is also no problem. Set driver and technician can be booked in English and German.


Previous productions (selection)

  • The Life of Others (Constantin)

  • Friendship! (Bavaria)

  • We are the people (Sat.1)

  • The Miracle of Berlin (Sat.1)

  •  The file Gysi (NDR)

  • German soil

  • Ossi's Eleven (Constantin)

  • Amazon Prime

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